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We are working alongside AEDdonate to have a defibrillator installed

A house is made of walls and beams

Jasna Gora Residential Care Home is built with LOVE and DREAMS.

We respect an individual’s God-given right to be who they are

Our Objectives

As part of our commitment to person-centred care, to approach each resident as an individual, to respect their independence, privacy and freedom of choice, and to make every effort to meet their physical/mental, cultural and spiritual needs.
- To provide long and short term (day, respite, convalescence) care for the elderly with failing physical and mental health. - To provide the highest standards of care through: * care plans and risk assessments * continual personal attention * continual staff training * liaison with medical/social care professionals and other stakeholders. - To provide a pleasant home environment which is user-friendly, fit for purpose, safe and infection-free. - To facilitate the achievement of residents’ own plans, interests and goals. - To actively seek and act upon feedback from residents, their families/friends and other stakeholders - To comply with Health and Social Care Act 2008 regulations, CQC guidelines and best practice through: a) robust policies and procedures b) accurate/up to date records b) sound financial management.


Prior to taking up permanent residency in our Home, residents and their families are encouraged to visit as often as they like, to spend time with other residents and staff and familiarise themselves with the environment of the Home and its routine so that they can make an informed decision. Residents may come for day, respite and convalescence care, and those intending to come on a permanent basis can take up residency for a trial period for as long as the resident/their family consider appropriate. A thorough pre-admission assessment is carried out in consultation with the resident, their family/advocate, medical and social care professionals.

Macro partnership

Our service is a macro partnership in which our residents are a family to which their own families/friends belong and have a voice, as do all our staff who care for them. Consequently, our residents and their families and friends are encouraged to participate as fully as possible in the life of our Homes: to make decisions relating to the care provided, to influence and direct their quality of life, and to be as open as possible about any issues or concerns they may have.


We ensure that residents receive a balanced, nutritional diet which includes fresh fruit and vegetables daily. Residents are consulted about the kind of dishes they would like and these are catered for, as are special dietary needs (e.g. diabetic, food thickener to facilitate swallowing). Meals include: breakfast, mid morning refreshment, lunch, afternoon tea, supper. Residents can eat their meals in the dining room, or have their meals served in their room. Additional food/drink is provided whenever a resident wishes, day or night. Hospitality is part of our culture and residents can invite their families/friends for a meal at the Home whenever they wish.


We do our best every day to make our customers happy
All activities in our Home are voluntary. They are designed to encourage mental alertness, self-esteem and social interaction, and take into account an individual’s interests, skills, experiences, personality and medical condition. Exercise is an important factor in encouraging mobility. Daily group (and individual) exercise is part of our Home's routine and organised to be as beneficial and enjoyable as possible. Residents are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of activities and to keep their own interests and hobbies alive to enhance their quality of life. Care is also taken to engage with residents one-to-one, especially those suffering from dementia and/or depression. Residents can go out whenever they wish. If a resident is not able to go on their own and has no family/friends to go with them, arrangements are made for a member of staff to accompany them (staffing levels allowing).

Worship/ Religious Services

Our Home has its own chapel where Holy Mass is celebrated and the Rosary recited every day. Attendance is voluntary. We have a chaplain (retired) who lives on site to administer the sacraments and provide individual spiritual guidance. Residents are free to attend other denominational services and invite preferred clergy and spiritual leaders to visit them.

Contact with Family/Friends and the Community

Family and friends form an important part of our residential care home family. They can visit their loved one at any time, spend private time with them in their room or visit with them in the communal areas, and participate as much as they like in the life of the Homes.
A resident has the right to refuse to see any visitor. For security and fire safety purposes, all visitors must sign the visitor’s book on arrival. In keeping with our infection control policy, all visitors should wash their hands on entering and leaving the building. Hand wash dispensers are located at the entrance and dotted around the building. Visitors may be refused entry if they are not well (e.g. flu, diarrhoea, etc.) or to avoid infection spreading if present in the home. Bedrooms have a BT line socket, and residents can have a private telephone connected to facilitate contact with their family and friends. (Telephone bills are not included in the fees). Residents are also encouraged to participate in the life of the local parish/community and/or continue to keep in contact with the community where they lived before coming to the Home.

Privacy and Dignity

In keeping with our commitment to person-centred care, the dignity and privacy of residents is respected at all times, and residents are encouraged to be open about their needs and preferences.
Staff receive appropriate training to raise their awareness of the Homes’ requirement to treat all residents with respect, to encourage their independence, to meet their privacy needs and to carry out duties with sensitivity and understanding.

End Of Life Care

Unless a resident’s medical condition is so serious that specialist care is advised (e.g. hospital, hospice), we honour a resident’s (or their family’s) wishes to die in our Homes, in familiar surroundings being cared for by those who love them and attended by the chaplain.

Defibrillator Campaign

Our Home is working alongside AEDdonate to have a defibrillator installed


Residential care
Personal care and support is provided to residents 24/7
Long and short term
We provide long and short term care for the elderly with failing physical and mental health.
Beautiful Landscaped Gardens
Jasna Gora can accommodate 12 residents in 8 single and 2 double rooms.
Free Wi-Fi access
In House Chefs Cooking Home Made Food

and MORE

Respite care is short-term care for older people who need extra support following an operation or illness, or for temporary care while their regular carer takes a well-earned break. A respite care home will provide tailored, 24-hour support for older people in need of a short-term stay.
Our home has an Equal Opportunities policy. Staff are recruited on their ability to understand and meet the holistic needs of our residents. DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) and POVA checks are carried out before commencement of employment and references obtained.
Jasna Gora Residential Care Home specialise in the care of the elderly over 65 years and adults under 65 years.
We support people nearing the last months, weeks and days of their lives. It embraces the needs of the individual, and important family and friends, to ensure they are as comfortable and peaceful as possible during this important time.
Tanks to a homely atmosphere we keep the hustle and bustle to a minimum, which is particularly important for residents who are living with dementia. Residents are welcome to personalise their room with familiar furniture, pictures and other belongings. We will work with you to customise your environment in a way that protects personal identity, supports you to make the most of your capabilities and helps you to live as independently as possible.
We offer convalescent care where residents are provided with extra support while recovering from an illness. A convalescent home could be a necessary step towards independence following surgery or an illness that required a hospital stay. Our Home provide a warm and comfortable place for your loved one to rest and recover, with 24-hour care to put your mind at ease.


Our address
Jasna Gora Residential Care Home 52 Fixby Road Huddersfield HD2 2JQ